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     Silicon grease TSF-451 made by SEIKO. For gaskets of crowns and case back of waterproof watches.

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    Box with two foam cushions impregnated with silicone grease allowing to lubricate more than 100 gaskets, O’ring or flats up to a dimension of 60mm.

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    The paste is excellently suitable as glide-, lubricant- and release agent for e. g. valves, joints and sealings. It is frequently used as an assembly aid as well as protection- and sealing aid. Furthermore the paste can be used for maintaining rubber seals. Made in Germany Weight: 35g.

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    Silicone insulation grease. For case back and crown gasket. Normal grade. Contents: 10 ml

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    MAGIC GASKET waterproof liquid. The cap is equipped with a brush to apply the liquid at the junction of the case and the case back, or at the junction of the case and the glass. It dries once applied. Just before the liquid is completely dried, it is easy to remove the extra liquid with a cloth or a finger. contents: 20ml

    11,80 €
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items