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    Multifunctional portable touchscreen tester FLASHTEST specifically designed for the control of watches and quartz mechanisms.

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    NEWS 2016 The Watch Analyzer Lepsi by Bergeon is a measuring device for mechanical movementsand runs with an App for Android or iOS. An adjustable supportincorporate the measuring electronics. This device measures very accurately the running time, the frequency, the guide-mark and the amplitutude of the mechanicalwatches. Swiss Made

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    The simplest watch testing device ever. Insert watch, touch sensor, job done. The ChronoCube is a revolution in use friendlyness, quality and design. It measures rate variation, amplitude and beat error in mechanical watches in five measuring positions and would grace any sales desk thanks to its timeless good looks. Contents...

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    The most advanced WATCH EXPERT ever was developed to meet the requirements and demands of watchmaking experts. Generations of watchmakers have used it in the practice of their skills – here is the very latest WATCH EXPERT in its fourth generation.

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    The direct thermal printer THERMOPRINT is the perfect accessory for those who prefer to have their results on paper. It matches with model MTG-3000, MTG-4000A, MTG-4000A PRO and MTG-5000. It offers the possibility to print......

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    Il Witschi CHRONOSCOPE S1 è lo strumento professionale per testare gli orologi meccanici scelto dal servizio assistenza dei negozi specializzati e nel ramo industriale.

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    Tester quartz watches and movements. It tests the electronic side of analogic quartz watch movement. Light and sound comes on when a signed is picked up. Dimensions: 60x105x28mm

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    Device for releasing gear train pf quartz watches.

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    The watch timing Weishi 1000 is the compact model with also measures the amplitude of the balance wheel.It measures beat number, beat rate, beat error and amplitude. It is perfect fot watch service or the ambitious watch collector.

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