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    New cleaning product whose composition has been approved by the most important and famous watch brands. This product can easily be adopted by all new technologies that require an high complexity and very high-tech materials (silicium, carbon, diamond, etc,.).  

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    Gomma speciale inventata dalla Bergeon: pulisce perni, ponti, ruote, rimuove impronte e polvere dalle platine e dai quadranti ed in più rimuove eccessi di olio dai rubini. Ha un forte potere adesivo ma non lascia residui perchè non è appiccicosa. Confezione da n° 1 pezzo.

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    A*F Swiss - Rub Off - Cleaning CompoundUniversal cleaning compound for balance wheel pivots, train wheels, for removing stains and finger marks on plates, bridges, dials, excess oil in jewels and for removing broken pivots, unlimited uses.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items